From the LA River to the Bradbury Building, from rooftops to abandoned parking lots, from inside an Airstream to the back of a limousine zooming through the unsuspecting city streets, The Industry’s audacious mobile opera Hopscotch took Los Angeles by storm in Fall 2015. With 24 cars, 126 diverse artists, 6 composers, 6 writers, and 1 unique purpose-built architectural space where the entire piece was streamed for free, our Hopscotch was a once-in-a-lifetime event.

We realized that site-specific concerns, at times extreme, were actually wonderful opportunities to turn audio and musical challenges into unique modes of storytelling. The music direction became an exploration in ways to shape sound across unusual distances and times and also an exploration in how much control to give up. Directing the music’s hallucinatory, out-of-sequence narrative also included supervising the improvised animation scoring as well, working with my good friends in Gnarwhallaby.

Although we recognized early on that we would never be able to mount this production again, we made an expansive recording of Hopscotch, now available on The Industry Records, which showcases the diverse range of musical and theatrical ideas at the heart of the original production and which, with the website, allows you to reenter the world, a thousand gates leading to one great Path.

A masterpiece of logistics and a remarkable fusion of variety and consistency. Hopscotch has broken the fourth wall with a vengeance, not merely freeing opera from the opera house, but making its heightened expression the sound of real, everyday and inner life."