Gurrisonic Orchestra

The Gurrisonic Orchestra is an ongoing project of Jose Gurri-Cardenas. In his words it is an “Avant-Garde New Music, Experimental Large-Band, Modern Creative Avant-Prog, Experimental Chamber Orchestra, Pan American-Forward-Thinking Monster Band Music, Chamber Orchestra of Vision." I couldn’t agree more. It is a fabulous time to be making music in Los Angeles, and I feel very lucky to work with of some of its very finest creative improvisers. Conducting a Jazz Orchestra with such fiercely good inhabitants of the borders between Jazz, experimental music and folk traditions is a happy occupation, and I always learn something exciting and new about collaborative possibilities when I play with Gurri.

A bunch of amazingly good musicians.“

Louis Andriessen

Exciting, blissful, brilliant, life-altering... for all of its complexity, for all of its many nuances, there is also a surprising, welcoming accessibility to the sounds produced by Gurrisonic Orchestra. These musicians, as they go through their paces, exude an enormous amount of warmth, inviting you without hesitation to join them on their thrilling ride. You’ll want to accept that invitation—again and again."