Crescent City

Crescent Cities was a great cacophonous joy to bring to life. The music by Anne LeBaron is a wonderment of wild colors, weaving together zydeco, gospel, voodoo drumming, and ancient Korean traditions to create an unforgettably phantasmagoric score, and the orchestra was in a loft above the swirling scenes, each set in its individual commissioned sculpture in the middle of a large warehouse. One scene of Anne’s piece magnificently features the Partch Chromolodeon which divides the octave in 43 equal steps. Another scene involved club music and another featured a musical saw. It was incredible. And I’m still not sure what happened to the costumes. They were quite... memorable. (If you’re interested, ask Timur.) The recording of Crescent Cities is available on Innova Records.

... fantastical layers and robust vocal writing, a perspective that is always changing and always captivating.”

Los Angeles Times

Fascinatingly staged by the über-creative Yuval Sharon.”