In the Theater

In this scene from Hopscotch, the audience was invited into an abandoned theatre by an older Lucha. She pieces together her memories of having been there years before to see an opera with her now disappeared lover, Jameson.

This scene was written knowing that the soprano would be on the upper balcony of the theater and the two violins would be about one hundred feet away, below that balcony, while the tenor would be still farther away on stage, in full costume, lit only by a single ghost light, singing Orfeo’s Possente Spirito.

There were two interesting challenges: writing the scene so that there could be some alignment without being completely dependent on exact coordination, and writing the scene so that it could be cut short if the mechanics of the larger opera demanded it. Ultimately, I thought both challenges helped the expression of the scene which attempts to portray the fragility of even the most passionate memories.

Jennifer Lindsay, the soprano, and the ensemble who this scene was written for did the scene 24 times on each performance day. There were a lot of stairs.

Video Credits:
Jennifer Lindsay: soprano
James Onstad: tenor
Erick KM Clark: violin
Mona Tian: violin
Recorded by Lewis Pesacov live at the Million Dollar Theater